Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday & Prayer

I have put forth a big effort to get ahold of Cora's biological dad and I am praying that he isn't putting her off.  Today I am feeling alot less stressed about it, and hopefully it all works out soon.  Ready to close this chapter in life.  

Need to get the creative juices flowing again so I am not just letting my scrapbook stuff sit downstairs collecting dust.  So maybe tonight Cora and I can get something going scrappy.

~ Peace

~ Ramphil (sponsor child) and his family to stay healthy and be blessed.

~ Stength

~ Us to get connected with a church

~ Shannon to do what is right for the family and to love his job again.

~ Grass to grow beautiful and thick in my yard.

~ All 6 of my kids, Shannon and myself to have the mind of Christ.

~ Protection for all my family and friends.

~ Hartke family

~ New Car or the  ones we have to be fixed. :)

~ Colby to get on the right path with you Lord and do something with his life!