Thursday, June 20, 2013

Focus Focus Focus & Prayer

This has been my week off and it hasn't been that great.  Monday we found a vehicle (finally) signing papers on it and then we noticed it wasn't 4 wheel drive. The guy selling the car said it was but it wasn't. Spent all day at the car lot.  Tuesday and Wednesday was spent out at lakes that I didn't care for cause it was HOT and tons of ticks!  (I don't care for the heat very much) So today I was either going back to work or I am going to enjoy this day.  So... I am sitting outside with some coffee, my laptop and some praise music.  Its such a beautiful morning outside. Missing Cora though, she went back to work today. 

Cora met her biological father and his family the past week.  I can honestly say that a flood of emotions came along with that, hurt, regret, etc. Let me some up the past Cora's bio father married a woman, we didn't like each-other in our teenage years.  So this is alot hard then one would think it would be. Plus the thoughts of Cora loving them more then me, stupid thought after stupid thought.

Thankful for...

* Jesus gave it all

* Healthy family

* Freedom

* Music

* Cool weather :)

* A car that is drive-able 


~ Ramphill and his family (peace, protection and his dad to catch 
  lots and lots of fish)

~ Peace over my house & famliy

~ Colby, he got on a plane this morning to Hawaii

~ Baby Blaike  

~ New car or for the cars we have to be fixed

~ Hartke family