Monday, June 10, 2013

Life and Prayer

Watching all the kids grow up and start making decisions is hard to do.  I want to correct some of the decisions they make but see that its not always best for me to do that. Us as parents have to pray and wait for our children to come to us for advice. Then hopefully we give them the right advice. :)  Cora is crossing into womanhood, if you want to say.  Starting to make life decisions.  She has talked to Shannon, her brothers and myself about meeting her biological father. I think that its going to happen soon.  Of course I am the one who has to get in contact with him I just hope I say the right thing and don't start my flippin crying.  The past week at the house has been a crazy one.  Colby and Kenny (my nephew) are heading back to Oklahoma today. Colby flies to Hawaii Friday sometime.  

~ Cora to make good decisions.

~ Ramphil (sponsor child) and his family to stay healthy and be blessed. 

~ Shannon to do what is right for the family and to love his job again. 

~ Grass to grow beautiful and thick in my yard. 

~ New car or for the cars we have to be fixed. 

~ All 6 of my kids, Shannon and myself to have the mind of Christ. 

~ Protection for all my family and friends. 

~ Lord please just give me strength. (Help me to stop saying I am so tired) 

~Us to get connected with a church.

~Hartke family