Saturday, June 8, 2013

Evening Prayer

Well, Yesterday was just a blow up of a day. Shannon kicked Levi out (Levi is back today), Cora keeps on me about the "bio father", had to leave work to get Noah from the football camp etc, etc, etc.  So today was better did some fishing with all the boys and Shannon.

Praying for

~ For me to make the right decision for Cora, Noah and myself.

~ Colby to make GOOD decisions for himself and stand up and be the man of God that I know he is.

~ Cora wanting to meet her "Biological Father"

~ Ramphil (sponsor child) and his family to stay healthy and be blessed.

~ Shannon to do what is right for the family and to love his job again.

~ Grass to grow beautiful and thick in my yard.

~ New car or for the cars we have to be fixed.

~ All 6 of my kids and myself to have the mind of Christ.

~ Protection for all my family and friends.

~ Levi to see how he treats others.

~ Healing for Scott.

~ Lord please just give me strength. (Help me to stop saying I am so tired)

~Us to get connected with a church