Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Thinking and Prayer

Looking back over the past few weeks, they were rough but in turn, if I would of just stopped freaking out and trusted God it wouldn't of been so stressful. 
^ Shannon and I should know that Cora's love for us is unconditional.  If she talks/sees her biological father we will always be her mom and dad.
^ Colby and Levi are grown men if they make decisions like moving to Hawaii or to be rude, thats on them. We can't change them and we can't allow them to affect our household. 

* God opening my eyes to how blessed I am.

* New car and to top it off Cora's AC works in her truck now also and we didn't have to pay any money to have it fixed.  Shannon fixed it! Thank you Jesus!

* Beautiful family ( Husband, kids and grand babies)

* Music

* The word

* My job! :)


~ Strength

~ Baby Blaike 

~ Us to get connected with a church

~ Shannon to do what is right for us and to love his job again.

~ Grass to grow beautiful and thick in my yard.

~ All 6 of my kids, Shannon and myself to have the mind of Christ.

~ Protection for all my family and friends.

~ Hartke family

~ Ramphill and his family (peace, protection and his dad to catch
   lots and lots of fish)

~ Peace over my house & family