Friday, June 7, 2013

Morning Prayer list

~ For me to make the right decision for Cora, Noah and myself.

~ Colby to make GOOD decisions for himself and stand up and be the man of God that I know he is.

~ Cora wanting to meet her "Biological Father"

~ Ramphil (sponsor child) and his family to stay healthy and be blessed.

~ Shannon to do what is right for the family and to love his job again.

~ I pray that my house has peace over it. It seems to be turned upside down the past few days.

~ Grass to grow beautiful and thick in my yard.

~ New car or for the cars we have to be fixed.

~ All 6 of my kids and myself to have the mind of Christ.

~ Protection for all my family and friends.

~ Levi to see how he treats others.

~ Healing for Scott.

~ Lord please just give me strength. (Help me to stop saying I am so tired)