Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I guess I've been so wrapped up in buying stuff to start the baby book that I haven't been on here for awhile. So here's the scope on the family... Tarrance got a job! SWEET! Colby has a job interview today at Old Navy! Levi is adjusting to school pretty good. I think he is doing great! Cora is trying to adjust to life with all the boys in the house, and I feel for her. = ) Noah, he is getting some pretty good grades this year! Oh Shannon, Can't forget him. (giggle) He is doing really good. Working really hard. Shawna is doing great she is on her 19th week of pregnancy. Due date is Jan 25th. (Shannon's and my anniversary date) Of course Tarrance and Shawna found out that the baby is a girl. They have decided to name her Adayln Marie, I have decided that I'm going to call her Addie for short. Addie girl, Addie girl... I'm starting to practice singing for her. LOL! So, I will start sending pics of the baby book I'm not to far into it yet. My goal is to put a butterfly on each layout page. ; )

Also, Linda, I miss seeing you!