Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Good Morning

Well there isn't much new at the Davis-Ryan-Witten house. Cora did get her school moved so now she is in the same school as Levi and Noah. Of course the 3 of them see eachother through out the day and they think its so cool. LOL! Told Tarrance that its time for him to get a cell phone on his own. Does that make me a bad mom? Of course he is the one with a baby on the way so I'm feeling alitte bad about it, but he thinks he should get an iphone touch. What in the world?!?! That thing better make some coffee or something. Thats crazy! Of course I have a blackberry but you never know when you might get important scrapbooking emails. (giggle) He don't need an iphone but I guess, what do I know. = ) Its his money. Tarrance is taking Shawna to the doctor today so hopefully, HOPEFULLY we might find out what the baby is and I can start anyother babybook. I'm telling everybody that its going to be a boy!!! (Sorry Shawna)

I did get my watercolor pencils but I didn't get to use them, Cora started sewing class so I had to help her with some homework. A mothers work is never done, RIGHT LADIES! Well its time to clock into to work and dream about my watercolor pencils. Lol!