Monday, October 26, 2009


I can't believe I've been so busy that I haven't gotten on here to say something. I've been busy working on baby shower stuff. = ) The baby shower is in less the 2 weeks. Have alot to do. Cora's 14th birthday is tomorrow also. The Colby and Levi are getting ready to wrestling season. Tarrance is working 12 hour days but he has the weekends off to go see Shawna. She is doing well and on the 27th week of her pregnancy. Noah is well... Noah. LOL! Shannon is gone to Texas today. Which means for the rest of us... Its pizza night at Nana's! YEA US! It means I get to scrapbook (doing the happy dance) LOL!

What a wonderful weekend we had at the house. My other set of parents came to visit and helped out with the bathroom in the basement. It is just about done! There will be 2 bathrooms in the house! Its going to be great! We have to keep reminding the boys that the can use the sink and toilet down stairs.