Friday, August 7, 2009

How many people can fit in the Ryan-Davis-Witten household?

Well, this is who is living in my house. Shannon, Tarrance, Colby, Levi (he will be in Thurday) Cora Noah and myself. LOL! I've always told Shannon that I'm glad we don't have a huge house cause we wouldn't be a close family like we are. But maybe alittle bigger would be good. = ) Oh well honestly Shannon and I need to find a HOME CHURCH not a church that we just go to. Finding a church is hard work. = ( I think Shannon and I made the mistake of thinking that the kids should go to youth were they want instead we should of told the kids "this is where you will do to youth" I'm asking you who read my blog to pray for us. Thanks and I hope everyone has a blessed day!