Sunday, August 9, 2009


Heres a couple of pictures that I have been meaning to put on here.I finally got my camera back from my mother. So heres the picture of Cora and my father at the tournament. 1st place = )
This is the mud hole we got stuck in a couple of weekends ago. O MY!
Then of course here is my proud husband and 2 of our sons. LOL! I got alot done this weekend. I went through some scrapbooking stuff and found tons of paper! I don't think I need anymore but I LOVE PAPER! So tonight Shannon is gone out of town so maybe I can finish getting all my scrapbooking stuff organized and I can get something done instead of talking about it all the time.
I know I haven't said much about Shawna and the baby but thats because I don't know much. first sonogram said she should be 20 weeks this week and the 2nd sonogram said 15 this week. I don't know. Hopefully I will know more soon. I did buy a onesis and some diapers. Shannon things I'm crazy for doing it but I'll do what I want. LOL! Ok I have a couple of minutes to look at scrapbooking stuff before I start working. I hope everyone has a blessed and wonderful day!