Thursday, July 11, 2013


Well last night was interesting cause I went home acting goofy but then the new car is in the shop, the lady called to say that its going to be another day... I was so mad.  Really a silly reason to be mad but the car has been away from us more then we have had it. 

Cora went and met up with Jeff (bio father) Jake (Cora's brother) & Jessica (Cora's sister)
Cora & Jeff

* God's grace and forgiveness

* My beautiful family

* My children's big hearts

* New car and A/C (LOL)

* The little things
Cora & Jake

~ Ramphil & his family

~ Hartke Family

~ Tori  (my daughter in law) and her family (her step mom past away yesterday)

~ Levi, he has chosen to move in with a friend & his family. I pray he sticks to the game plan he has.  He has a bright future a head of him.
Cora & Jessica