Thursday, March 15, 2012


Stinky McStinkface Witten Nov 2011-March 14 2012
Well I can honestly say that it was a sad night at our house.  Stinky came to live in our house back in November 2011.  Blaike brought him home from Aunt Sandy's farm.  When Blaike moved back to Oklahoma he left Stinky.  In the beginning Stinky's real name was Sleet, but honestly Stinky, Stinky McStinkface as I called him, STUNK! He over came his stinky problem but Stinky McStinkface become his name. Noah become the proud owner of Stinky and the the rest is history.

But... In early Jan Colby took Stinky to the vet and the vet gave Stinky some medicine that we thought was a cold. Cora, Noah and I had to take Stinky to the Vet yesterday thinking he had the cold again.  Come to find out Stinky had FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis).  The kids and I didn't want Stinky to suffer so the vet told the us best thing to do is to put Stinky to sleep. :(  Stinky will be missed! <3