Monday, February 27, 2012


I stepped out of my comfort zone and went out with a few girls from work.  We had so much fun!  We went to the casino and then to dinner.  I must say we have to do it again.

Went searching for running shoes, I am beginning to think I am super picky or something.  I have been to at least 7 different stores and nothing.  I think I have decided on a pair of Nikes that I keep going back too. I am on a search for an app to put on my phone that will keep track of the mileage that I jog.  Cora went with me yesterday and almost made it a mile.  Since we have started jogging I can see a difference in Cora's stomach. :)  I am sure it helps that the only thing in the house to drink is tea or water, NO POP!  That has been a hard one though.  Everybody knows that I love my Diet Dr Pepper, but if it helps Cora I am all for it.

Highlights from the weekend
Shannon sold the jeep this weekend! :(
- Jogged another mile :)
-Noah is excited but I am not... but his dad (Steve) might take him to Rob Zombie concert for his birthday.
-We went to church!