Wednesday, August 3, 2011


For those of you that don't know and read my blog... my family has had a great loss in the passed few weeks. My OK mom passed away. We had no idea that cancer was spread through her whole body. Sunday July 24th 2:33am she went to be with Jesus.

This picture was just taken May 12 when she came up for the adoption of Cora. She doesn't even look sick.

So, last night the kids (Levi, Cora, and Noah) and I were switching the rooms around (again) and Cora found a jacket that OK mom left at our house. OMG the Levi, Cora and I sat there smelling the jacket.  Then I couldn't help myself...  I called her cell phone to hear her voice. Wow!

This is what I wrote for her to be read at the funeral.
When I think of Sue Witten there are some words that come to my mind.
Strength, in the past few days that I had the great privilege to spend with her, she showed to me just how strong of a woman she was. Not only did she show me physically but spiritually, and mentally too. She has encouraged me find my inner strength
Beautiful, I can’t think of a time of when she wasn’t beautiful. There was a time that we went to Six Flags and we got her to ride the Batman. She screamed through the whole ride and had her eyes closed tight. When the ride was over we got off and she still looked beautiful. Not only on the outside was she beautiful but on the inside too. She would do anything for anyone at any given time.
Amazing just the other day Shonnda and I talked about how Sue could go into an empty kitchen and within 30 minutes she would have some wonderful home cooked meal prepared. How amazing is it that she put all or her children and grandchildren first.
Inspirational, I remember back in October I called her crying. She started crying with me and prayed with me. Told me everything would workout. We gave the problem to God and Sue was right it all worked out.

I could go on and on about Sue. She raised 3 wonderful children. I can honestly say I am so proud to be married to Shannon and have Toni and Shonnda has my sisters, Shanne as my brother and Terry as my dad. But I am blessed to be able to call Sue Witten, Mom.