Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What day is it?!?!

I keep thinking I am in some kind of dream.  Its been such a long and tiring pass week.  I noticed I paid my electric bill twice now.  Wow I am lucky that I have Colby, Blaike, Cora and Noah up here to hold me together. LOL Blaike was sweet enough to make dinner last night. Blaike is such a good kid, pain in the butt sometimes, but so are all the other kids.

Do have good news though.... (drum roll please)  Levi Garrett Witten..... is.......... moving back to Kansas!! (The crowd goes wild) So now there are 5 (count them) 5 kids in my house. : ) I LOVE ALL MY KIDS!!!  So once we get pass Thursday we are going to be moving things around at the house again.  Cora isn't very happy cause she loves her big room but she doesn't have a choice.  She is movin on up... Movin on upstairs. LOL!  Sorry peeps its lack of sleep.  Lack of Shannon.  OOOOOOO Colby goes and takes his test for the Navy Seals today. : D  I know he is going to pass.  He has a angel that is watching him and going to help him. : ) Alright I better get to work.