Saturday, February 26, 2011


Its midnight and i am sitting outside a bowling alley while my 2 kids are inside bowling and Shannon is asleep in the driver seat snoring. Lol!  So Colby called me and asked me to do his senior pictures : ) I am super excited and honored that he would ask me. I did Tarrances and I think they turned out really good.   How exciting?!?! I sure miss Colby. He also let me know that he is praying for Cora and I right now. Cora and I are dealing with alot. Hopefully that will change soon. Trying to get my mother to let Shannon and I to adopt Cora back. Cora has always lived with me. She hasn't ever been away from me except for when she went on vacation with my parents. O well I won't  give up until my name is on Coras birth certificate again. : )

I need spell check on this blog thing on my phone. : )