Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Drove Noah to this!

You ask anyone that I am close to and they will tell u that I think that I am one of the FUNNIEST people ever! Example... I know everyone has this one their phone but this morning I was speaking into my phone to text! ITS SO COOL! I even sang a song. LOL! Driving the kids crazy with it. I drove Noah so crazy he has finally gotten out of bed, got dressed and moved to the couch. : ) Every parent should use it. 
<------------------------------------------ LOL!

Noah sleeping playing Xbox Live

So I didn't get a chance to blog about the weekend. It was really great. The kids had a blast at the church lock in Friday night. Shannon and I thought as soon as we got them home Saturday morning they would go right to sleep. Nope not my kids, around 12 though Noah fell asleep playing Xbox live. It was so funny. Cora went to the dance Saturday evening and had a GREAT time. : ) I of course did her hair.  She is so BEAUTIFUL!  She is 15 it is so hard to believe. 3 more years and she will be 18 OMG!