Monday, April 12, 2010

Where did the weekend go?!

Wow its hard to believe the weekend is over. I was hoping to get some scrappin done but it just didn't happen. Saturday morning was spent with the kids, Shannon, Shanne, Mom and Dad (OK) in Ponca City. We had so much fun! We went to a mansion and walked around the grounds and Mom took picture. O M G it was so much fun. As soon as we got back in town watched Adalyn and went to the mall for Cora a dress for the Prom alternative at church. That took forever. Cora has such a hard time finding clothes that fit right. We ended up out in Derby at Maurices. She got a cute dress. Nothing to fancy, she will be some beautiful Friday night. Levi and Colby will have to keep their eye on Cora make sure the boys stay away. LOL! Saturday evening we had Chinese for dinner (YUM!!) and Shawna came over to hang out. I didn't get much sleep Friday night so by 10:30 I was so tired. Tarrance got there and I did the hand off of Adalyn to him and went to bed. Sunday morning we went to church! 2 weeks in a row! YEA! It was wonderful! Pastor Devin talked about the youth program going on at church. The kids love it there hopefully we will be able to send the kids to youth camp. I think they will really like it. =) After church we had Noah's first baseball practice 2-4 let me say Noah can hit the ball! WOW! Then back home to turn around and be at Cora's softball meeting at 6. Let me just say I am ready to pull Cora out of softball. One of the girls on her team told Levi that all the girls on the team were going to do something mean to Cora at first practice. I just don't understand why they would do something like that. Cora hasn't done anything to those girls. So my wonderful husband is going to go to Coras practices to make sure nothing happens. Of course Colby plans to attend practice also. Lol! After that meeting we had another meeting with some of the wrestling parents, I guess the wrestling coach got fired so we are now all writing letters to get him back. We finally got home at 8:30. Wow what a weekend. So here I am at work getting ready to start another wonderful week. = ) God has blessed me with such a wonderful family.
"But I trust in your unfailing love. I will rejoice because you have rescued me. I will sing to the Lord because he is good to me."
Psalm 13:5-6, NLT