Monday, January 4, 2010

First Sunday of 2010

Well yesterday was pretty good. Shannon and I got up and went to one of the old churches we use to go to. I must say it was nice. We didn't make it back for Sunday evening fellowship because we were busy working on some stuff in the basement. The basement is coming along nicely. Hopefully I will get done organizing all my scrapbooking stuff and post some pictures. = ) No more scrapbooking in my bedroom (Yea) Shawna will be proud. I will be jumping back into my scrapbooking soon.

I must say I miss having Shawna around. She has moved back to Oklahoma until Adalyn is born. So with in a month Adalyn will be born. I'm so excited. I was bad yesterday and bought a baby bib that says Baby's First Valentines Day. Its so cute. Well I'm off to work now. Hopefully I'll start on my blogging again. Also for Christmas I got the BIG Cricket which means I'm going to bless someone with my small one. Any ideas?