Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday shopping

On Thanksgiving day I usually don't act to exciting getting up at 4am to go shopping but my gosh its so much fun! Last night mom and I went to Michael's, (LOL) it was crazy! We went to Dillon's to look for a touch MP3 player and of course it was a no go. = ( Went to another one and still no. Walgreen's, no. Found it at Dillon's in Derby! SWEET! Mom is picking it up right now. Then this morning mom and I went out to Target and then Walmart thought I'd buy Rock band for the family but Walmart was out. I guess a fight broke out over them. Crazy people. Shawna asked if I was part of the fight. Heck no! LOL! I'm an angel! = 0 LOL!

So we decided to go to another Walmart and electronics's guy sound they were out. = ( We decided to walk around and then back by the check out in electronics, what is it we see ROCK BAND for the XBOX360! Of course mom picks it and is walking away with it. LOL! At this point we had no idea if it was someones or not. Oops! LOL! $50.00! SWEET!!!! I really don't think it belonged to anyone else but its just so funny! I can't wait to share the story with Shannon, he is just going to laugh his rear off! LOL!

Well, I'm off to another store in Cheney hopefully they have what I want there and then I'll be off to the craft show around 5 with my mother & Grandmother. Shannon is out of town tonight = (
If I have anymore exciting stories I'll keep you up to date.