Friday, October 30, 2009


Well its the start of Friday morning. 19 minutes before its time to clock in and work. = ) Its going to be a busy day. We are suppose to go to a costume party tonight. I've never been to one but I guess I'm game. Its a kid friendly one so Levi is going to go also. Its almost a week until the baby shower and I need to get the diaper cake done, finish the butterfly decorations, and the baby book. Plus we are taking Tarrance (if he feels better), Colby, Levi, Cora and Trevor (Cora's boyfriend) to another Judgement House. This one is different from the one we went to Sunday night. We liked that one so much we thought it would be fun to go to another.

Last night was a stressful night, Shannon was in Texas and when he is gone EVERYONE of the kids needs something. LOL Never fails, Tarrance needed his prescription (which he didn't use) he wanted sonic for dinner plus I was trying to grab a few items for the baby shower. I finally got home around 6 and started dinner for the other kids and Colby and Levi walk in. It dawns on me, I'm suppose to make chili for the wrestling team by 7:30. LOL I tried to call the lady in charge of all the wrestling stuff and she didn't answer. Then Colby "Can I make gunk for my class tomorrow?" OMG LOL SERIOUSLY I want you to know I don't have the stuff for the chili or the gunk in the house. Its now 6:30. I tell Colby to call Grandmama for the recipe for the famous gunk (Thinking about it makes my mouth water) So I ended up calling her got the recipe and went to Walmart for all the stuff. Went back home and see that the wrestler is there to pick up the chili its 7:00 LOL Let me just cut to the chase. Chili was done by 7:30, Gunk was done and ready for Colby, there was 1 piece of vanilla bean cheesecake left and I shared it with Tarrance. Plus I still had time to take a picture with Noah.

LOL Its like Kate says on Jon and Kate Plus Eight "Its a crazy life but its ours"