Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Where has the month gone? My gosh...

Well date night didn't go all that great. So I have decided I'd try to surprise Shannon with some dinner and a movie Friday night. (giggle) I think I'll even scrap him a card. Tarrance and Colby will be at Dodge City getting ready for regionals, Noah will be with his dad and Cora is going to babysit her first evening. I'm tell you my house will be so quiet.

Cora did get her foot x-rayed again, just waiting to hear what it the doctor says. I do know she can't move her toes or foot very much without pain. Poor girl!

My mother has been working on my cousin's baby book by herself. (oops) So I'll try to post some pictures of what she has done so far. Super cute! Wishing I had my own scrap room. Taking ideas on how I can make one in my basement. Still haven't gotten to that "Aimee time" hopefully soon.