Monday, September 23, 2013

Blessed and highly favored


~ God's grace <3 p="">~ Coffee :)
~ Forgiveness
~ Hands, so I can worship God with them and of course craft.
~ Bible app (LOVE IT)
~ Way FM (great radio station) love music
~ Husband, Shannon took me to exchange my ring cause a diamond fell out for the 4th time.  He was very patient with me.


*  Ramphfil
*  Tarrance (Help Tarrance give his problems to God)
*  All 6 of my children to live life for Christ
*  Shannon to love his job again

Life has been busy lately.  I have been working lots of overtime at work.   I need to get going on the baby book I am working on for Katie and Blaike. Tonight is football night for Noah.  Last week he started for JV so hopefully tonight he will also.