Saturday, July 6, 2013

Noah & Prayer

I think Noah has a great idea about moving to Portland cause... 1. I love the rain there is nothing besides God and family that I love more. 2. Scrapbooking great scrapbook stuff in Portland. 3. The ocean and mountains. Drive one direction you got a beautiful ocean and the other you got mountains. Yea Noah has got a wonderful idea. :)  Now just to get Cora on board with the idea.

Just sitting outside the house with my coffee and listening to the rain.  Its so quiet that I can hear the sheep baaing down the road about half a mile away. :)

1. God loves me no matter what mistakes I have made.
2. Rain
3. Coffee
4. Peace
5. My beautiful family
6. My job (that's the one thing I would miss if I moved)
7. New car & A/C
8. My husband (can't forget him <3 font="" nbsp="">

~ Ramphil & his family
~ Hartke family
~ All the kids to be safe (Got one in North Dakota, one in Hawaii, 4 in Oklahoma and 2 in Kansas)
~ All the grandbabies :)
~ Grandbabies and kids, They are ALL smart, ALL good looking & they ALL can be what God wants them to be.