Sunday, December 30, 2012

Blog, Blog, Blog

Lets see if I can get back in the swing of my blogging again.... But first lets get all caught up :)

First things first.... Oct 26th this handsome little man came into the world. Blaike Edward Witten!  OMG he is so flippin' cute.

He of course is 2 months old now. Shannon and I got our whooping cough shot so we will hopefully get to see Baby B this coming weekend! So excited to finally hold him. <3>
We did go to Oklahoma and celebrate Christmas with all the kids. Got to see Blaike also but didn't get any pics :( Hopefully this coming weekend. Haven't done much crafting lately but starting tomorrow I am going to get back on it. I have lots of projects that I can be doing. I did find out that Katie scrapbooks so I think I will load up all the baby book stuff for Baby B and let her finish the book.  Alright its time to sign off here waiting on Cora to get home from bowling so I can get to bed.