Thursday, August 23, 2012


Well, I have been seriously lazy!  My scrap table is sitting there saying... "HELLO! I am over here!"  Need to get back into the swing of things.  With Shannon changing routes and the kids starting school...  I am just hunting for reasons why I don't scrap. LOL I have no reason. I have tons, and tons, of stuff!  I am wanting to work on the project life book I bought last year and I need to get going on Blaike and Katies baby book. Want to make some cards also.  WOW I need to just get on it!

Tarrance and Tori are expecting a baby also, since that news is out now... I can blog about that too. :)  So Now there are 2 baby books too be made.

Noah has his first scrimmage tomorrow night and I guess Ok Dad is coming up to go visit family somewhere.  Then Saturday we have a pancake feed to go to for Noah's football.  I think football is taking over my life. Alright it's time to make the donuts (Its time to work) :)
<--------  Those were such great commercials!  My kids always say WHAT?  When I say its time to make the donuts. :)