Thursday, April 12, 2012


There is so much to be said about Cora. She has been doing Insanity with me for over a week now and she hasn't lost any weight really just like 5 pounds but she has lost inches! 2.5 inches in her chest and 2 inches in her waist! Its simple amazing! Her prom dress is going to have to be taken in cause of inches lost! Shannon and I are so proud of Cora! She can do this! She can lose the weight! She can make this life change. : ) Right now its an up hill battle but she will get there. Here's a list of words/people to describe Cora...

 2. Smart
 3. Witty
 4. Sweet
 5. Dramatic
 6. Caring
 7. Sue Witten (My OK MOM)
 8. Darn Funny
10. Dramatic
12. Strong
13. Sneaky
14. Cute
15. Loving