Monday, March 5, 2012

The weekend is over :(

Well that was another fast weekend. Started off with Cora and I running the track at Noahs school while we waited for Noah to get out of his last wrestling practice. Then Shannon and I went to the casino! We walked in with $56 and walked out with $100.00. Of course Shannon won the money. He is so funny. He kept walking up to machines and would say "I just ain't feelin' this machine." Such a dork!

Saturday was Noah's wrestling tournament won his first match and then lost the last two. : ( Needless to say I had to go run after that. My oldest son Tarrance, wife Tori and 2 of my grandsons Braxton and Tanner came in town. No Adalyn and Christian :( So we went to dinner and then went and got Adalyn's birthday present. We haven't seen Adalyn and Christian since Christmas time. Colby and I watched Braxton and Tanner so Tarrance and Tori could go get ice cream. Believe or not Tori hasn't ever had ice cream from Freddies. Poor girl! LOL! Then we all watched Legendary.

Yesterday was just lazy! We didn't do anything but go to lunch.

The game plan for today is for Noah to start running with Cora and I. Then for me to get back to my scrapbooking. (hopefully)