Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Cora is going to prom this year with her boyfriend  TJ and we have a dress already that a friend is letting us borrow but we started looking at dresses anyway and found this one...  OMG!  It looks like something that OK mom would love!  To begin with this isn't something that Cora and I would usually like but once Cora tried it on it was LOVE!  Problem... dress is $538!  HOLY COW!  Can't say that I am willing to pay that much for a dress but its beautiful! So we are going to continue to look for a dress, I know we have the dress my friend is letting us borrow but its always fun to look. : )

Feeling better today!  Colby ran me to target and bought me some medicine to help me to sleep. So got some sleep and I haven't coughed yet today.  : )

Happenings in the family...

-Colby got his first pay check and seems to be on the right track. Thank God!  Dearly love Colby but the boy stresses me out. LOL!
-Tori's birthday was yesterday she is the big 25!
-Levi's birthday is Thursday
-Noah's birthday is Friday

Yea Tuesday!