Monday, January 23, 2012

Family, Scrap, etc

Well, Well, Well, tomorrow is the official start to the RYAN wrestling season.  I am getting nervous already, I wonder how Noah is feeling. Knowing Noah it ain't a big deal to him, but me OMG I get so nervous when the kids have anything like, wrestling going on.

Shannon started a new route so now he is out of town on Monday's instead of Tuesday and Thursday. : D 

Cora is working on a art project I will sneak a picture of it and put it on here.

Shannon and I got new furniture FINALLY!  He had it at the house for me Friday when I got home.  This furniture is like for giant people. LOL!  So comfortable and cute! 

I have yet again got my scrapbook area back in order some what.  Printed the first couple of pages to the baby book. Maybe this time I will get pics of the whole thing.  Goal is to get the first 3 pages done tonight.  : )  Had to order the album from Archivers and waiting to get that in hopefully, Wednesday.  Thinking of starting Project Life 2012.  I have the one from last year and never did do it.  But this year, I REALLY want to do it. Shouldn't be that hard to do.  Just have to take pictures and get them uploaded to be printed and picked up.  WOW that already sounds like lots of work.