Thursday, April 7, 2011

No sleep for me

No idea what my problem is, well I do but I will not talk about it yet... Anyway so I am listening to some music and blogging. : ) Alittle ELO. Colby and Blaike will be here tomorrow and one of Shannons friends from OK is up here in Ks. I think its alittle weird but what do I know.

Do u ever wonder if u have made all the right decisions in life? I know there is no changing the past and its probably best not to even think about it. Wheres my time machine?!?! Lol... Do u ever wonder if when someone says they love you if they really mean it? Maybe they are feeling guilty? So, many thoughts tonight. I am going with that they are feeling guilty.

Got more papers from the lawyer today and had to fill out some info about myself and when Jo was born. I am so ready for the adoption stuff to be over with. Thats stressing me out alittle. I thought I was going to have a panic attack when I was filling the paperwork outt today. Omg just what I need. Alright I am going to try to go to bed again. Night world : )