Sunday, February 13, 2011


I love that I can sit in the car and blog. : ) Got to love technology. I made Cora and Noah go to youth for the first time in over a year. I pray they have a wonderful time.

Its been a VERY, VERY busy weekend at our house. Cora went bowling with Tj (her boyfriend) Friday evening. Cora got her first kiss! Then Noah had a wrestling tournament Saturday he took 4th! Go Noah! Went to Saturday evening church, this is where the real drama begins.... This boy whom I will call Fred, Cora really liked him but he kept doing her wrong. He has lead her on and stuff. Anyway he texted her to leave her boyfriend and he would make her his girlfriend. Cora of course, got all upset. So I took her to the bathroom and I prayed with her. Pastor Mike preached a service that I feel was for Cora. Let me just skip to the drama... So Fred texted Cora that he would just ask some other girl out. OMG! O well lucky for Fred that Coras older brothers are in Oklahoma. Lol. 

Today Noah went with the wrestlers to OSU to watch wrestling. He loved it!  He even got to go to Eskimo Joes.  Cora went to the mall and Tj met her there, he gave her 3 white roses and a teddy bear. Awww so cute! 

I must say the only bad thing about using my phone for blogging... No spell check lol.