Thursday, September 9, 2010


I am typing this blog as I play a game on my ipod touch.  I am playing Hold On.  What it is you have to hold the button down for as long as you can.  I am at 2 minutes & 44 seconds. : )  I made it to 11 minutes last night, but I fell a sleep. : ( 
Anyway...  this weather is the best!  I LOVE IT!  I could use a few days like this. Its misting outside, its a little chilly. Brrrr...  Makes me wish I was at home to scrapbook.  I could even use a cup of coffee right now. : )  Well today is my Friday I am taking tomorrow off to do who knows what tomorrow. Shannon is off but I am sure his day will have something to do with Blaike which is fine with me.  That gives me AIMEE TIME.  Shannon is taking Blaike to get his drivers liscenes today.  I guess Blaikes got stolen when he was at Job Corp.  Did I forget  to mention that Blaike graduated from Job Corp?  I am very proud of him for not quiting and dropping out. Need to take him out for some pictures since he didn't do senior pictures. 

Well work time.  : )  16 mins 20seconds. ; )