Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What sleep?!

Well back to work today.  Don't feel like I got much sleep last night. Between the idiot down the street with his fireworks, the dogs and the 5 kids at my house I got no sleep.  I guess the kids think that since there is food in the kitchen it means its a buffet bar all the time. Every time I turned over in bed I heard the microwave door close and someone hitting buttons.  I final got up and said "no more!" : )   But I was up again at 2am to see the lights in the house going on and off like Christmas lights. I was thinking what in the world!  Got up again Blaike "Noah left Daisy outside. O and its hot downstairs." OMG my thought to this is... Its so blazing hot downstairs cause I am pissed OFF!  I didn't say that as much as I wanted too.  I just went back to bed. Told Shannon I am going to a hotel tonight. Lol! I didn't tell him I am going to get one of those rooms that as the HUGE bed, that way I can jump up and down on the bed and lay on the bed however I want.   : )   I give it an hour or two and Shannon and the kids will be calling. So that would be a waste of money. : ( 

By the way I started jogging yesterday.    : )  I took Cora, Noah, Kenny and myself to the track. I jogged, skipped and walked a mile. Yea me!  Alright I am off to clock in.  Sorry if there miss wording or spelling doing this off my phone. The internet is down at work. Sure wish I knew someone to fix it. ; )

Love ya