Monday, July 26, 2010

Rockaway Beach

I am on a Rockaway Beach kick today.  The high there for today is 70.  OMG!  I love that weather.  Just thinking of getting to watch the sunset and maybe getting to see the darn light thing that I missed last time. Lets go now. : ) Everyone in the car.  Cora and Noah have never been to the ocean so it would be lots of fun!  Plus we will all get to take our shoes off and walk in the sand.  We can make the cool squeaky sound when we walk through the sand. We can collect sea shells when the tide goes out. Wow ROAD TRIP! <3 If we drive down the coast we can sled down the sand in Twin Rocks (I think). OMG!  That could be fun also. : ) 
O man its time to work. : (    Daydream later