Saturday, July 24, 2010


Sitting down here in Oklahoma everyone is asleep but my father in law and my self. Lol took Tarrance out to get Adalyn a new car seat and some toys. Of course Adalyn as played with the toys so much that so wore herself out and needed a nap. : ) I was hopping to spend some time with Shawna but I don't want to upset Tarrance. So we have not done much of anything but play with Adalyn and play with Adalyn some more. : ) I need a baby for me. : ) Lol not going to happen. So I will just the kids I have ; ) and beautiful Adalyn.
Here's a funny story..... Shannon, Cora & I came down last night and meet my OK parents at Cracker Barrel. There was Pastor and his wife and then another couple. The gentlemen, who I don't remember his name, looked at Shannon and said so are these two your children? The man was talking about Cora and me. ROFL! OMG that was so darn funny. Couldn't believe it. Makes me want to go out and try to buy some alcohol to see if I get carded. Lol!
Well my sunshine husband is awake now so I guess I will see what the game plan is for us. I thought we might be headed home tonight but now I am not sure.