Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Well Noah's team lost again last night.  I can honestly say that maybe there are some coaches that should not coach.  There hasn't been a practice since Mother's day.  I was shocked that when the game was over the coach pulled the boys to the side and told them that they didn't try.  I just wanted to slap him.  Don't be rude, its not the kids fault that you don't have practice for them.  JUST SAYIN' LOL!  So I am going to coach next year. ROFL!   Yeap I can see it now the team will be called Angels.  We will have purple and pink uniforms.  Just kidding!  I couldn't see me coaching I would be kicking dirt on the umpire. : o  But one of the dads at the game, coaches for WSU so maybe Noah can get some pointers. : )   

Alright time to work. : (