Thursday, May 27, 2010

What a day

Well Noah's team lost but thats ok.  He got to bat one time and got two guys out. Of course I ran off and forgot my camera. My dear friend Betty showed up to show her support for Noah.  Looks like Noah needs to keep practicing.  He looked good and made me proud.  Wish his dad Steve would of showed up.

Thinking vacation can't come soon enough.  Tired of all the drama. Between the boys stuff and things at the house, I have had just about enough. Why do I really care what people think.  It just about drives me nuts.  The thing thats really stupid is that people can do mean and hateful things to me and I still care what they think.  Wish I would just flip out on a few of these people, maybe then they would back off.  As Cora would say.... Just sayin'  = )