Sunday, May 23, 2010

Girls night

Tonight Cora and I went to the movies.  We saw Letters to Juliet. OMG it was so great! All I'm going to say is Shawna,  you were talking about Fair Tales on FB the other night. I want one too. LOL!  Back to girls night... Watched the movie, ate dinner talked about boys (giggle) played Band Hero.  Which now I have more favorite songs thanks to Cora!  I'm telling you I should of been in a rock band. = )

Heres a story Cora told me, Colby called his best friend Trevor told him "You need to watch over my sister for me." OMG of course I cried. Darn it.  Who would of thought I'd still be upset about Colby and Levi leaving. = ( I keep praying Colby will come back but I need to just let it be. Take care of Cora and Noah. = )  Noah is going to start conditioning for wrestling.  He says its in his blood. LOL Such a dork!