Saturday, April 17, 2010


Sitting at Wallys with Adalyn. Tarrance and Shannon are out looking at a truck. Really need to spend some time scrapbooking at home and up dating my blog. Have a few pics I need to post.

The kids went to a prom alternative last night. They had a lot of fun from what I hear. Take some pictures of them. Shawna helped Cora get ready. Mom took Levi out to get some nice clothes to wear. Colby and Trevor wore matching shirts. Lol!

Today my mothers birthday. I went to Target and bought her some chairs for outside. My dad was suppose to take her out for dinner but he changed his mind of course.  Cora, Shawna, Adalyn and myself took her to lunch at Chipolte. We love that place! Well I'm off to continue sitting here at Wallys car lot. Lol fun fun