Monday, March 1, 2010


This picture is my son (the blond one) in the 119lb 6A state wrestling match! He wrestled his heart out. We are so proud of him. His picture was in the paper 2 times and he was on tv. He placed 2nd! He has been eating now so I think he told me his weight is 135lbs. LOL! I'm sure he has been eating alot of junk food.
Today Adalyn is 6 weeks old. YEA! She is 10 lbs. 3 oz. 22.5 inches long. Shawna took her to the doctor yesterday and she is looking good the doctor said.
Levi wrestles tonight. He will have a rematch with the kid that beat him from Maize South. That kid is going down! (LOL)
Noah and Cora are both doing good. Cora is the track manager. Noah is getting ready for baseball, and I'm getting ready to start work. Darn not enough blog time. = (