Friday, February 19, 2010

Never home

It seems like when I'm ready to scrapbook I'm not at home, I just watched a video on Jennifer Mcguires blog and she made a REALLY cute card. If you are into scrapbooking you should check out her blog. She teaches new techs, gives stuff away and as some really cute stuff.

I'm sitting at work ready to get this Friday going, getting our taxes done today and regionals are tomorrow. Made it to Levi's wrestling tournament thanks to my good friend Betty. ; ) She covered for me at work so I could race to Maize Middle School. Very proud of Levi and looked good out there and pinned both his guys. = ) Who ever would of thought of me a wrestling fan. LOL I'm still looking for the book Wrestling for Dummies. Shannon is always yelling "Put the half nelson in" What the heck is that? LOL! The half what? Who's Nelson? So of course Colby shows up at the tournament after Levi's first match and I tell him "Yea I think Levi was trying to put the half nelson in." I have not a clue.

Alright its time to start working. Yea! Have a wonderful day everyone! Love ya!