Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Baby shower is in 4 days.

Well, so far this week is up and going. Trying to get alot done for the baby shower. I hope the stuff I ordered from Target gets here in time. If not I'm going to be very disappointed in UPS. = ( I'm thinking I'm going to be pulling an all niter Thursday night trying to finish the baby book and other misc. things for the shower. I did get a few pages done last night. If I'd stop trying to get it perfect I'd go much faster on it. I still have a ways to go on it. Really thinking I should take ANOTHER day off so I can get it all done. LOL!

***Family Update***

~Colby got a job! He finds out when he starts today. Yea! If I had confetti I'd throw it! LOL!
~Cora is getting over the fact that she doesn't have a boyfriend. She wore her new boots to school and I had to help her get them off. I was pulling so hard on them, I really thought I was going to hear a pop sound and then me laying on the floor. LOL!
~Levi is doing wonderful in school got his grades up. So, Friday when I'm off I going to take Levi and Cora to get their learns permit. (giggle)
~I want you to know that Noah is great... He gets up almost every morning and walks me to my car to make sure I get in it ok. Its a good habit he picked up from Shannon.
~Tarrance is getting excited about Addie, and the baby shower. He is back at work after being sick last week. Thinking he might have to work Saturday. Which means he won't make it to the baby shower. = (
~Shawna is at 28 weeks and 1 day. Her back was hurting yesterday, but other then that she is getting excited about the shower. I do have some games planned for the shower, cause Shawna likes games, ; )
1. How big is mommy
2. List whats on the tray
3. How many safety pins are in the jar.
I'm really praying the baby shower turns out wonderful.

"And you must show mercy to* those whose faith is wavering."
Jude 1:22, NLT

Have a blessed day.