Monday, June 1, 2009


Well, I did get 2 cards done this weekend. I made one that I will post a picture of later today and the other one I already gave away to Shawna. Those of you who read this blog and don't know yet... I'm going to be a Nana, Grandmother, whatever the baby decides to call me. Shawna is Tarrance's girlfriend and they announced to us last Wednesday the are having a baby! So, I made Shawna a card and sent some stuff down to her in OK City. Due date is Dec 29th. I hope for Dec 28th so baby and I can have lots of presents that day. (giggle) I must say I'm very excited about the baby. Just to let anyone that reads this and Tarrance hasn't told you about the baby, ignore everything I said I promise he is going to tell you himself. LOL! Ok so this means I get to make another babybook. (Confetti) I love making those! This time I'm going to do my very best to post pictures of it! Every Tuesday will be Shawna and Baby day here on my blog. I hope Shawna doesn't mind.

Moving on to the rest of the family. Noah had his first baseball game Friday night and his team made a great come back and WON! I was so happy. : ) Then Mom and Dad Witten came into town with Levi to help us frame our bathroom in our basement. Cora got her first boyfriend this weekend. Kolin is his name. I haven't met him yet but Tarrance has. ; )