Wednesday, May 6, 2009


OMG, I didn't realize I haven't been posting anything on here for sometime now. Well, life has been very busy. Tarrance graduates on the 17th his last day of school is the 12th. Colby is working like a mad man again. (He loves money.) Noah has been a pain in the butt lately but I think I know why. I'm guessing its because we aren't involved in church like we use to be. I think its time to get back in and at least go. Cora, Cora, Cora... She is doing great. We are finally out of the cast, after I got mad at the doctors office. Cora is now in a ankle brace and is going to the Y with the boys and my dad. Hopefully I pray she will drop some weight. = ) She also is very interested in art. Which when I was in high school I loved art also. So, she is trying to get me to teacher what I know. LOL! Goofy girl! I must say I'm pretty excited about getting back into drawing. Also she is trying out for a speaking part in a concert she has coming up, that girl loves to sing like me. And last but not least, its Shannon's birthday! So the kids and I went shopping and bought him all kinds of stuff. We got him some American Eagle jeans, a 4 ton floor jack, Kill Bill 1 and 2, and some shirts. Can you say spoiled?!

Speaking of spoiled... I've been buying copic markers, darn things. I have 5 now, only 317 to go. LOL! Leslie and I have been waiting on a scrap order to come in from a store, I purchased some Hero Arts stamps, my first ones. Got tired of waiting and went and bought another set for National Scrapbooking Day. Super cute stuff! Besides working with Copic markers I've also been trying out colored pencils. So I really don't have anything to show for scrap book wise, I've just been so busy practicing. Maybe I'll try to post a pic later. I've gone on long enough. = )