Friday, March 27, 2009

Oh my...

Well I have gotten more done on the baby book I just haven't gotten anymore pics on here cause it seems like life is so busy. We all started working out. Its called P90X I want you to know I don't like it. I've done 2 workouts and I'm so sore. There's a couple of different workouts. You can either do the lean, the regular which is if you want muscles or, theres the REALLY Hard workout. I'm doing the lean. All the guys are doing the regular one. So you do a different workout every day. Its crazy.

Cora went to the doctor today and she had to get another cast put on. Its healing nicely so thats great! 2 more weeks in the cast and then hopefully back in the walking cast. = ) My mother and I took Noah to my favorite restaurant today. Chipotle. I love that place and so does Noah now!

Its some crazy weather here its slitting but then again its snowing also. Everyone is excited cause its been over a year since we have all been sledding. Yea!! I think Cora and I are going to sit out this time let the guys get out in the cold. (Brrrr) Well, I'm off to bed super tired.