Monday, March 16, 2009


I'm tellin you all now I've been so lazy! I keep buying and buying but not using any of the new scrapbooking stuff I have. Thats really bad. I've bought stuff to start on a baby book for a friend of mine. (I love babies!) So hopefully I'll get on the scrapbook wagon again. I need some encouragement.

Family updates Cora is doing pretty good. I think she goes this friday to get another x ray. I pray that her leg is starting to heal. We went to church and I kicked her in the leg. I think it hurt me more then her. = O

Noah is doing pretty good. Colby took Noah out for awhile yesterday they went and played some baseball. It meant alot to Noah. Noah seems to be trying to find himself. He will be turning 11 next Monday! OMG!!!

Colby got a tattoo Saturday! LOL he said it hurt so bad! I kept telling him it would. It looks pretty darn good!

Tarrance is with his mom in Oklahoma. Not sure when he is coming back.

Blaike called Shannon last night and he seems to be doing pretty good at the military school.

Levi was sick this weekend, but I'm sure he'll make a fast recovery because his birthday is Sunday. = )

Shannon.... O my... Shannon is Shannon what more can I say.
We did make it to church Saturday evening. It was pretty good. I think it will take some getting use to. Hopefully will make some friends there and it will get easier for all of us.