Friday, January 16, 2009


As everyone can see I haven't been scrappin' : ( I've been super busy with the kids. Shannon's big surprise went very while. (giggle) Tarrance moved up here with us Tuesday and his first day of school was Wednesday. Not sure yet if he is going to go ahead and wrestle or not. The coach said Tarrance could challenge next week to see if he can bump someone out of their weight. Which means 2 wrestlers in the house : )
Colby, (lol) he is such a ding dong. He did it to me again... he was 2 pounds over last night when he went to bed, but he called me a few minutes ago and said he was at the school and is right on the money with his weight. He won't be at school today cause they have a BIG tournament in Newton. The guy that is ranked number one will be there also, which means this will be a good tournament.
Blaike got excepted to the military school he wanted in. So he leaves Sunday and we won't get to see him for 6 month's : ( But he is so excited! I'm really proud of that boy. Cora, Noah and Levi are all doing really good. I know Noah is excited about Tarrance being up here with us now. Maybe between Tarrance and Colby they can toughen that boy up = O (lol)