Friday, January 23, 2009

Another Friday night

So, Colby is at wrestling up in KC and so far he hasn't lost. I'm telling you I'm so proud of that boy. = )
Blaike is at his military school and is loving it! He sent Keri a letter and said he's going to make it. I knew he wouldn't have any problems. We all wrote him a letter and he should get them tomorrow.
Cora went to her dance tonight.

She just had to put the blue in her hair. Next time Cora see's Grandmama she wants Grandmama to put a pink streak in her hair. LOL!

Tarrance is adjusting good to life up here. Shannon and him are on the couch watching tv. = ) Levi is at a wrestling tournament in OK and hasn't lost a match.
Noah of course is at his dads house. = ( I'm telling you... My kids are so funny. Last night Noah add the broom he was standing in the hall and had the broom peaking around the corner at Cora and I. Noah was singing, 'Baby come back' Cora and I were laughing so hard. I should of gotten the camera out and got some pictures. LOL! I have such a great family.
Also I see Dee started a blog! I'm so excited. Maybe I'll go scrap now cause Colby won another match and is seated 1st!!